We have a wide variety of authentic groceries and specialty items including spices, tofu, dried fruits, noodles, seaweeds, brown rice, and frozen items imported from various Asian countries.


Our fresh pastries and breads are either baked in-house or delivered daily. Wedding, birthday, or other cakes are also available upon request.

Hot Food

Freshly prepared meals featuring oven-roasted pork, duck, chicken, as well as lunch/dinner boxes are prepared daily.


We feature many cuts of meat not usually seen in national-chains. Here, Ox tails, neck bones, duck feet, pigs' ears are our specialty along with the local traditional cuts.


We have a wide variety of live fish, shellfish, and other crustaceans in our seafood department.


We support our farmers (local and abroad) by carrying specialty Asian items such as, Enoki, Gobo, Asian Pears, Lychees, Rambutan, Baby Bok Choy, Taiwan Cabbage, and Water Spinach. We also supply local favorites like Washington State Apples, Jersey Tomatoes, Celery and many more.


Our general department offers a large selection of tools necessary for your culinary needs, household utensils, dishware, decorative items, and much more.


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